Silk´n glow hair mask


  • Silk´n glow hair mask
  • Silk´n glow hair mask

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Anti-frizz shining hair mask for frizzy, dry and porous hair.

It deeply nourishes, hair is soft and smooth. It eliminates the frizz effect.

How to use the product

Apply to clean and wet hair and leave on 3-5 minutes. Rinse.

Active ingredients

Biodynamic Oat - It gives substance to the hair and has a restructuring action on dry/very dry hair.
Organic Cupuaçu - Nourishing and softening, it adds shine to the hair fibre.
Ethically-produced brazil nut - Rich in water - soluble vitamin A and B, it has an anti-frizz effect on hair, making it shiny and easy to comb.


50 ml - 150 ml - 500 ml

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