The OWAY line, Organic Way, is a range of organic beauty treatments that are rich in herbs and vegetable extracts of organic origin, many of which are grown on their Biodynamic Farm. These ingredients respect the hair fibre’s natural balance.

The Organic Way method takes advantage of the combination of ingredients like plants, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These are all of natural origin and have not undergone any type of chemical treatment or genetic manipulation.

In the shampoos, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a classic surfactant, is replaced by a gentle cleansing agent, Sodium Coceth Sulfate. This is much less aggressive to the skin, nevertheless assuring a perfect cleansing action. The scents available in this line are delicious yet allergen-free. The wide range of sugar cane-derived conditioning principles in the formulas guarantee detangling, protective and moisturizing action for your skin and hair.

This line does not have PEGs, PPGs, BGs and other synthetic emollients which have made this line very popular. A focused philosophy that maintains the health of all hair types, giving an extraordinary natural shine and radiance